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This website was founded by Elder Mariux and Elder Constantine in 2006, and is a continual work in progress as we go along...
Suggestions are always welcome, and we value each guest that comes here for our help.
Our main goal that we try to ensure happens with each client is a successful, rapid conclusion to your case.
No 2 rituals are ever the same, and we understand and take the time to ensure your work is handled properly, and without hassle.
We are fully certified and licensed within our practice, and have the skills and knowledge necessary.

From Elder Mariux:

Yes, we are spiritual based Healers. We have been practicing our craft for 28 years as our main line of work combined, and we've been blessed with tremendous success with those we've helped. We use the following 8 step approach for extreme cases:

* Re-Opening positive, healthy dialogue between the two individuals.

* Using a Love Spell based solution to charge the connection.

* Wiping away damaging events and preventing them from allowing destruction during the re-connection phase.

* Enhancing each individuals desire to be around the other, and opening avenues for interaction.

* Having both parties open up to the other and discuss what each means to the other.

* Have both parties desire to strengthen their bond, and put in motion a plan to be together.

* Enhancing this desire for re-connection and making it a permanent feeling in both parties.

* Letting go of previous pain and celebrate moving forward as a united couple.

I have researched many online practices across the web that offer a portion of the techniques described above, but I have yet to find one that identifies and solves the entire process of healing a relationship. 
As with anything that is broken, wounded or completely shattered, you must make sure that certain elements (Or pieces) are in place before you can move forward.
For example, if you have a clock that fell on the floor and shattered into a bunch of different pieces, you would have to take the following steps before you could fix that clock:

1. Did you pick up all the pieces?
2. Are you able to find replacements for the parts that you can't fix?
3. Do you have the tools to fix the clock?
4. Do you know how to fix a clock?
5. Do you have the time to fix the clock?
6. Is the clock worth being fixed, and will you value it moving forward?

This is a crude example, but it is the same with relationships. Each relationship that is broken or damaged is very similar to the clock analogy above. First, we need to make sure that we have all the elements in place to make the relationship able to be saved. Many, many people first come to me and they aren't in a stable situation with the desired lover. This is normal, but it needs to be addressed. Simply casting a love spell and wishing you the best of luck won't cut it. Using the clock analogy from before, we basically started trying to put the clock back together before even addressing the task at hand, and just casting a love spell is very similar.
While love spells are the traditional method of re-connection between parties in the spiritual aspect of things, they simply only cover a very, very small part of the overlying issues that put you and the other party in this position in the first place... Let's look at this further.

Jack meets Jill. They date for 5 years. Jack cheats on Jill. Jill leaves Jack, and starts dating Paul. Jack decides he royally screwed up, and seeks help on getting Jill Back. Jack has a love spell cast, and Jill comes back. Jill resents Jack and the previous pain, and Jill cheats on Jack (Or Leaves Jack)... And around it goes...

Again, a crude example, but if we look at the overall message from this example, we learn that Jack could honestly have used a completely different approach in re-connecting with Jill. Let's look at a similar example:

Jack meets Jill. They date for 5 years. Jack cheats on Jill. Jill leaves Jack, and starts dating Paul. Jack asks Jill for the opportunity to speak with Jill about the previous affair. Jill says no, that she is happy now, etc (Or even completely ignores Jack altogether) Jack seeks help in reopening the connection. Jill comes around, and agrees to speak to Jack. Jack apologizes and takes accountability for the past. Jack then gives Jill some time, while having her energy worked on, and Jill slowly accepts the previous pain, and moves past it. Jill starts talking to Jack again, as the love spell work done causes her to think about Jack, and with the previous pain buried, Jill feels a yearn she forgot about with Jack. They start seeing each other again, and they build a healthy positive ground for their relationship to blossom, all the while being enhanced by Jack's spiritual Advisor.

Having a clear, defined process and enhancing this process using my work is a long term solution for success in restoring any relationship.

I'm confident you will be amazed at the precision, skill, and time frame in which I can heal your situation. I would love to talk with you, and put together a plan for your restoration today.

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We look forward to speaking with you.

Claudia Mariux, 

on behalf of the staff here at The Love Spell Store
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