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If we are unavailable through the chat, simply e-mail us at to confirm your appointment, and we will be with you as soon as humanly possible.
We try to rotate between the 3 of us to ensure someone is always available, except in the later hours of the evening.
Our schedules are constantly changing, so we do ask for your patience and understanding to ensure everyone's needs are handled on a daily basis. As always, if you ever have a critical situation, make sure to say that in the subject line of your message so we know it's urgent.
"Lol, Ive used and abused Elder Claudia for years. She is a sweetheart, and yes folks, she knows what she is doing."
Erin G.

"Got her back 2 weeks ago, promised a testimonial and here it is! Elder Claudia is awesome! Thanks honey!" 
Lori W.

"I'm a client and have been working with Elder Claudiae. Yes its procey but I guess you have ask yourself how much is this person worth to you. I never have a problem getting emails or chats answered...she always responds. Shes easy to work with and yes you can even vent your frusrtation to her. My results are starting to come together and were finishing it up, as of last night she was casting the last portion..sealing the deal of you will!" 
Skip G.

"I would reccomend her to anyone! I feel very confident the final result is just around the corner...everything has happened has she said it would."
 Tony K.

"My spell is starting to work. My ex has contacted me and we are talking but no date yet. I know this will happen soon but it's nice just to be talking again. A new obsticle has come up in my situation and Elder Claudia is working with me on this. Life.... what can I say. My spell has not fully manifested yet but hopefully soon. I have been working with Elder Claudia since March. Changes started to happen soon afterwards but I wasn't aware of them until my ex contacted me about a month ago. In talking I discovered things had been happening that I wasn't aware of i.e. his relationship with the person he dumped me for only lasted 3 months and it was a "nightmare" and my ex is glad that chapter is history and closed never to be opened again (his words not mine). I was not aware they had split up but I am extremely happy about that situation. Split happened in March and that is when I started working with Elder Claudia." 
 Thomas F.

"Elder Claudia is wonderful!!!! My spell has finally manafested and I am extremely happy. It's been about a month now and every thing is perfect. I have my lover back and things are better than ever. The spell took about a 4 months to fully manafest but the wait was worth it. I would recommend her highly." 
 Maggie R.

"Thank you Elder Claudia you are more than amazing. We have been working together for sometime now and this week has been the most amazing week ever. My boyfriend and I are spending a lot more time together and he has completely changed. It feels as if he sees me like the most beautiful woman in the world. Like he doesn't ever want to be away from me. Each day I become more and more surprised with each type of change that he is showing me. Yesterday he told me that he loved me and it has never felt so real like it did last night. I am falling more and more in love with this man with every second that we spend together. But how can I ever repay you Elder Claudia without you none of this would be possible. YOu are truly more than amazing. I owe you my life. Anyone looking amazing results dont even hesitate to look for Madam Laveirte, she is truly amazing and she will definetly make your dreams come true. She made mine come true, and I am eternally grateful." - Trishia S.

"I have been working with Elder Claudia  for nearly 3 months now. My case is also extremely complicated. Prior to my work with Elder Claudia, I had dealt with so many casters who were is unreal. 

Elder Claudia is the real deal. I have total faith in her. Slowly, things are working in my favor. My dreams are coming true. 

What I have learned from Elder Claudia, is patience and faith make it work. If you don't have faith, it is a lost cause.

Elder Claudia and the sisters are loving compassionate women who put everything they have into their work. They handle each case on an individual level."
Melissa C.

"This Friday was the worse start of the weekend that I have ever experienced in my life. I broke up with the only man that I have ever loved in my entire life. I felt breathless, shaky, My heart hurt so badly that I cried hysterically. I really thought that I was going to die, but i contacted Elder Claudia and she helped me by first calming me down. She took my pain away in a way that is undescribable. My love and I ran into eachother again. It was like magic. We were at the same place at the same time. Elder Claudia has assured me that he and I will be back together and she has advised me of what my steps should be. I can't thank Elder Claudia enough for being here for me and for taking care of me when I most needed her. There is no one out there quite as she is. Anyone that has felt the pain that I have this weekend, go to Elder Claudia site and try her out you wont regret it. there is no other spell caster like her. Thank you so much Elder Claudia i will never be able to repay you for giving me a second chance in life. you are my hero."
Naresh B.