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1) Chinese Sexual Alchemy

First, i humbly recommend a perusal of the karezza and Sacred Sex site that i have written, with particular reference to the page titled Tantric Partnership, which contains some interesting ideas from Mediaeval Chinese Sexual Alchemy for how to maintain a spiritually committed relationship.

2) Candle Magic

As far as traditional hoodoo herb-, oil-, and candle-magic for cementing a committed passionate relationship goes, i can suggest the following, from personal (satisfied) experience:

Burn Bride-and-Groom candles dressed with Stay With Me Oil or Love Me Oil; if passion is the paramount goal, burn a Lovers' candle dressed with the same oils.

3) Inscribed Amulets

Consider making inscribed and sigilized amulets for one another. My husband and i did this a year before our marriage. We used empty amulet tubes (metal hollow pendants) from Afghanistan. We each wrote out our promise and wish for the other on a small piece of paper, dated it, and sigilized it with our sexual fluids, then inserted the paper into an amulet tube and exchanged tubes so that each kept the other's vow and wish. The containers need not be amulet tubes or pendants, of course; you could use a tiny "wish box" or any sort of container, including a pair of small sea shells.

4) Dressed Lodestones

Another thing we did was to perform the a lodestone fidelity charm love spell given above, feeding a pair of matched lodestones with magnetic sand and sigilizing them with our sexual fluids and hair and name-papers in the hoodoo tradition. The only difference between that love spell as given and what we did was that we performed the spell as a couple. We keep our dressed lodestones together in a covered candy dish on an altar ("the Bird Altar" -- so called because it contains a lot of images of birds, including Hummingbirds) in our bedroom, at the northern wall. We renew the spell by performing it once a year, at the Winter Solstice. For the significance of the northern wall in "bedroom" workings, see the page on Chinese Sexual Alchemy mentioned above.

5) The Hummingbird Incantation

The Hummingbird is the creator god of the Pomo Indians, the tribe that first occupied the region where i live in California. Yearly Hummingbird dances are held a few miles from my home. The Hummingbird parts are danced by teenaged boys with flutes, the flower parts are danced by teenaged girls. The form of the dance is a line dance by the girls, and the boys circle them and approach them each in turn, as Hummingbirds approach flowers. This indigenous veneration of the Hummingbird as a deity with sexual and love harbinger overtones extends all down the Pacific coast and into what is now Mexico, where it can be found in the form of reverence for La Chuparosa (the Rose-Sucker in Spanish). In Mayan Mexican folk magic, the Hummingbird is also the symbol of -- and again, actually the ancient deity of -- love, sex, and marriage.

Here is a contemporary incantatory love spell taken from a Mexican votive candle that, beneath its veil of Catholic formality, literally calls upon the indigenous Divine Hummingbird for a blessing on love. I shall give it both in Spanish and in English translation; note that the word "chupa" can be translated as "suck out" or "extract" and is used as a reference to the bird's name (Chuparosa) and as a magical instruction to the bird.

  Al Poder de la Chuparosa

  The Power of the Hummingbird

  Divina Chupparosa, 
  tu que por el Poder divino 
  endulzas y alegras las cosas
  quiero que endulces 
  mi vida y alegres mi corazon
  ya que por tu divina intercession 
  he de venecar a mi amado(a)
  y solo sea para mi

  Divine Hummingbird,
  who enriches and glorifies 
  everything with your Holy Power,
  I ask that you enrich my life and love  
  with your Divine Intercession
  so that my lover 
  will want only me

  y asi como chupas la miel de las flores, 
  chupa la sal y mala suerte que tengo, 
  y asi en todo vencer, 

  in the same way that you extract honey from flowers,
  extract all misfortune and bad luck 
  from my life; 

  novenario te he de hacer, 
  para que tu no me divides y me traigas 
  al ser amado fiel y lleno de amor. 

  i pray you will not forget me, 
  so that my lover and i may share a relationship 
  that is honest and true
6) Quechua and Aymara Charms

Finally, either the Munachi charm or Munaiwarmi charm made by the Aymara and Quechua Indians of Peru and Bolivia may be just the ticket for those working eclectic love spells. These are small amulets carved of soapstone or cast in terra cotta. They are activated by tying the hairs of the lovers into the amulet and by sigilizing with sexual fluids.

The Munachi charm is for heightened sexual passion and depicts a copulating couple. We keep one on the small sex-altar at the head of our bed. The Munaiwarmi charm is for fidelity and depicts a clothed couple embracing as they stand side by side.

Pictures of both of these charms with full instructions -- plus similar information about the related Illas charm for the sexual well-being of farm animals -- can be found on their respective Lucky W Amulet Archive web pages. We keep a cross-cultural form of the Illas charm on our sex-altar; it is a Japanese netsuke carved from a tagua-nut depicting two little mice curled up together. It serves to remind us of the oxytocin-fueled pair-bonding enjoyed by sexually excited Prairie Voles.
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