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In hoodoo, it is sovreign gambling magic to have the beloved
urinate on a gambler's "lucky hand" (mojo bag containing a
John the Conqueror Root and a Lucky Hand Root) while at
play. If the gambler and his sex partner retire to an alley
to perform the act while the game is in progress, so much
the better. This is called "feeding the mojo," and the use
of the word "feed" is, of course an indicative link to
African magico-religious thought, from whence this custom
derives. (Lodestones are also "fed" in hoodoo -- with
magnetic sand.)

In European -- especially Italian -- folk magic, urine is
used in women's coffee and tea love magic spells, but only
as a quick substitute for the REALLY heavy item, menstrual
blood. No ritual, prayer, or invocation is necesary; you
simply add some menstrual blood, vaginal fluids, or urine to
his coffee or tea. The idea is to get one's scent into the
beloved's sphere of consciousness. This is nothing more or
less than pheromone-magic, and as such it partakes of
biology as much as it does of occultism.
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