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Items you will need:

Chocolate Candies; Godiva is the best
A dozen red roses
Scented candles [Red candles, rose scented --cat]
Incense [Rose scent --cat]
Nice red wine (as long as you are of drinking age)
Music [soothing and instrumental --cat]


Set up the room so that it is as cozy as you can make it. 
Light the scented candles and incense.
Keep 1 single rose to give to the woman
Sprinkle the rest of the roses around the room to cast the circle.
Place the chocolates and wine on the altar.
Play some nice soothing music.


Invite the person over. 
Have them enter the circle of roses. 
Give them the single rose. 
Offer them chocolate and wine. 
Then have some light conversation and let things happen as they should.

After ritual:

Clean up and give an offering to the Gods you worship for a loving and 
enjoyable date...Oh I mean ritual.....