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Love Spell Information, Facts & Tips and Other Stuff We Feel Like You Should Know

We know the process of selecting a love spell can be somewhat complex. We are here to assist!

With this in mind, we thought setting a clear expectation for our guests would be in order.
We encourage every client to read through our entire website first, to get comfortable with the process. We are here to help explain the steps that will be taken to ensure the spells accuracy,  what follows after the session and what and when you should expect movement in your case.

We promote being completely and brutally honest with clients. We are all adults here (Please remember, we cannot take clients under 18) and honestly if you're that young, odds are that the connection hasn't peaked, and a love spell won't help your situation.. 
We will never pacify a client. If we are unsuccessful, you will be told immediately. If we feel that your situation is not able to be rectified, we will not take your case.

Our website is run by the 3 Elders listed on the front page. While we work in conjunction, we do not share facts of cases with each other, unless we have notified you for permission. All discussion is 100% confidential. (The only obvious exception would be talk of harm to anyone, including yourself, which we will report immediately, no exceptions)

Our website has been built on a foundation of helping those in need, but you must also remember it's our livelihood. In order to dedicate ourselves to whose who need our help (And being able to enjoy life ourselves) You are asked to compensate us for the work you ask from us. Each case taken is addressed on an individual basis, and due to the enormous amount of factors that play a role in determining which spell is suitable, we price each spell done accordingly. A spells price is defined by the amount of time it will take for a staff member to work on your case. 

We do not tolerate any type of verbal abuse towards the staff. We will bar you from our services on extreme cases, with either a partial refund, or a boot in the rear, our pick!

We enjoy our work. This means you are welcome to ask us whatever is on your mind. We are able to provide this service based on your contributions, so we take as much time as humanly possible to ensure each spell is done properly, potently and powerfully (Its hard to think of 3 words that begin with "P")

We like to keep a light atmosphere and promote positive energy. We understand many clients come to us as points that are low in their lives, but we ask that if you make the choice to retain us and use our services: You listen to our advice. We want to help, and we know the steps required to do so.

We look forward to working with you. If you have any questions, or simply want to say hello, email me at!

Claudia Mariux, The Love Spell Store.