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Elder* Claudia Mariux
Lead Advisor, Owner.

Closed Cases: 4,813 - Active Since 04/13/88
Last updated 11/28/12

Current Cases: 

Successful Completion Ratio: 8.2/10 

Elder Claudia began her career as a gifted spiritualist at the age of 22 where she was employed by Nancy Meregan in Mississippi for the first 8 years of her career before starting her own practice called The Mariux Healing Center, which was operated for 14 years by Ms. Mariux & Ms. Constantine. 
Elder Mariux took her practice online in May of 2006, offering seminars and personalized face to face sessions with those looking for her services.
Elder Mariux's hobbies include: Nature Hikes, Piano, Acoustic Guitar, The grandbabies of course! and gardening.

Elder* Wynn Constantine
Spiritual Advisor

Closed Cases: 1,733 - Active Since 10/06/02
Last updated 11/28/12

Current Cases: 

Successful Completion Ratio: 7.6/10 

Elder Wynn Constantine always had a knack for improving people's love lives. From a very early age she possessed the gifts needed to intervene in the spirit realm and influence couples to reunite. She began her career and adapted her craft under the watchful eye of Elder Mariux, and has became a force of great strength in aiding lovers to reaching a favorable conclusion.
Elder Constantine's hobbies include: Anything that sets me at ease, the peace in finding new friends and new opportunities daily!

Elder* Rosaline Ward
Spiritual Advisor

Closed Cases: 13,364 - Active Since 01/06/01
Last updated 11/28/12

Current Cases: 

Successful Completion Ratio: 7.7/10 

Elder Rosaline Ward is a white magic energy driving specialist. Elder Ward has proven time and time again what the power of a positive regiment, structured lifestyle & constant meditation can do for extreme barriers holding back relationships from blossoming. Elder Ward has taken many cases that seemed too far distant for repair and found amazing success using her talented style of spiritual assistance.
By far the most active Elder employed, Elder Ward proves time and again what true dedication to the craft means.
Hobbies include: My family, jogging, girls night out, Visiting Vineyards & Horseback riding.